It’s the last night at a Dueling Piano Bar and nobody knows it.

Five performers, known as “Duelers,” start their night as they always do: a lot of shots, a lot of problems, and a lot of music. Their nightly routine quickly crumbles into a life crisis once news circulates that the club’s money-hungry owner has cashed in and sold the club.

The entire cast in this indie music film are played by real-life Duelers performing all-original music LIVE as the cameras rolled!


Jane, played by

Elisa Carlson

The pragmatic, but beloved Talent, Jane, is played by Elisa Carlson - a Dueler out of Chicago, Illinois.

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Tyler, played by

Tom McGovern

The cynical, but virtuosic Artist, Tyler, is played by Tom McGovern - a Dueler out of Los Angeles, California.

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Drew, played by

Drew De Four

The arrogant, but well meaning Leader, Drew, played by Drew De Four - a Dueler out of Ypsilanti, Michigan.

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Skip, played by

Danny Korzelius

The alcoholic, but gold-hearted Veteran, Skip, is played by Danny Korzelius - a Dueler out of Wilmington, North Carolina.

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Bethany, played by

Shelby Winfrey

The Bartender who’s just trying to keep the club from collapsing, Bethany, is played by Shelby Winfrey - a Dueler out of Kansas City, Missouri.

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Kin, played by

Kin Curran

The Rookie who has no idea what she signed up for, Kin, is played by Kin Curran - a Dueler out of Ypsilanti, Michigan.

steve, played by

Vince Orlandi

The money-hungry Owner of the club, Steve, is played by Vince Orlandi - a Dueler out of Cleveland, Ohio.

The agent, played by

Orin Sands

The extremely successful, no-bullshit Agent is played by Orin Sands - a dueler out of Orlando, Florida.

  • Drew De Four

    Screenplay / All Original Music / Producer / Editor

  • Christian Cicerone

    Producer / Director / Editor

  • Danny Mooney

    Producer / Director of Photography / Camera Operator / Editor

  • Anthony Kalil

    Executive Producer / First Assistant Director

  • Chris Miller

    Director of Photography / Gaffer

  • Joey Ostrander

    Production Designer

  • Drew Hill

    Costume Designer / Head Makeup / Head Hair

  • Cody Stauder


  • Steve Sholtes

    Production Sound Mixer / Post Music Mixer

  • David Fienup

    Sound Design / Foley / Post Sound Mix